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Course sequences

Course sequences show you which courses you should take for your particular program and in which term you should take them. The recommended course sequences do not take into account any deficiencies or advanced standing you’ve received, since these vary from one student to another.

Program requirements

Please follow the recommended sequences below:

Additional information

Do you need to re-sequence?

If the reccomended sequences above do not meet your needs, you can modify your sequence accordingly. While we do not recommend this, we recognize that you may be required to do so when, for example:

  • You must repeat a course;
  • You wish to take summer courses;
  • You would like to reduce your course load (full-time status implies 12 credits per term);
  • You need to go part-time;
  • You are a Co-op student and you did not secure a work-term (Note: you must also submit a "Change of Sequence" request form which can be found on COMPASS).

We strongly recommend that you follow the guidelines below and create your sequence using our Program Planning Template (5-year). It is important to plan from now through graduation, not one term at a time. Once complete, we encourage you to have the modified sequence reviewed by your Undergraduate Program Assistant.

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