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Faculty members

Our part-time faculty members have access to a common office located at EV3.238. The phone number for this room is 514-848-2424 ext. 3462. However, as these professors are part-time and not always on campus, it is best to consult your course outline for preferred office hours or contact your professor by email to make an appointment.

Winter 2023-24

Professor's Name Course E-mail address
Abidar, Youssef INDU 6221/4-W 
Azami, Aria INDU 424/4-W
Ebrahimi Orimi, Hamid MECH 6451/4-XX
Engin, Serafettin MECH 6421/4-WW
Eskandarian, Sam INDU 372/4-T, and MIAE 313/4-X
Gauthier, Pierre AERO 464/4-WW, and MECH 6961/4-WW
Ghorbani, Esmaeil ENGR 245/4-T
Girgis, Sami (with Raja Rama Murthy & Tsukasa Yoshinaka) AERO 465/MECH 6161/4-XX raja.ramamurthy@pwc.a
Hemami, Ahmad MECH 468/4-W, and MECH 691/4-W
Ibeid, Sharif ENGR 251/4-W
Jehoonian, Mohammad INDU 6331/4-XX
Marzban, Mostapha MECH 460/4-T
Mihai, Niculae INDU 411/4-X  
Nasrallah, Danielle MECH 371/4-T
Portaro, Rocco MECH 414/MECH 6611/4-XX
Sabih ,Amar MECH 390/4-TT, and MECH 344/4-M
Sadouk, Said AERO 446/MECH 6241/4-X
Sharifi, Shahram INDU 371/4-X
Sy, Mamadou MECH 421/6511/4-X
Taraboulsi, Choucri-Gabriel MIAE 380/4-X
Vaidya, Viwek MECH 6541/4-X and  MECH 6541/4-XX

Fall 2023-24

Professor’s Name


E-mail address

Abuobidalla, Omar Awni INDU 6161/2 F
Ahmed, Ehab MECH 6601/2 YY
Dallali, Maryam ENGR 6251/2 M
Davis, Donald ENGR 371/2 S 
Ebrahimi Orimi, Hamid MECH 6451/2 X
Eshaghi, Mehdi MECH 6321/2 U
Eskandarian, Sam MIAE 221/2 X, and MECH 6501/2 X
Gauthier, Pierre MECH 461/MECH 6111/2 XX 
Huang, Xiaoxi MECH 447/2 V
Khazraei Vizhemehr, Ali INDU 330/2 X
Obuchowicz, Ted MIAE 215/2 XX
Portaro, Rocco MIAE 311/2 YY 
Sabour, Mohammad MECH 371/2 F, and MECH 473/MECH 6021/2 M
Tadayon, Rahim ENGR 311/2 X
Taraboulsi, Choucri-Gabriel MIAE 380/2 XX 
Tardy, Francois MECH 412/2 NN
Tata, Viswanath AERO 417/ENGR 6421/2 MM
Thiel, Stuart MIAE 215/2 T

Summer 2023-24

NAME COURSE E-mail address
Aziz, Ali MIAE 215/1 CC
Eskandarian, Sam ENGR 311/1 CC
Gauthier, Pierre ENGR 6201/1 AA  and  MECH 370/1 CC
Hemami, Ahmad MECH 6021/1 CC 
Nabatian, Negar MECH 6111/1 CC
Rembacz, Michael MIAE 311/1 AA
Sabih ,Amar INDU 441/INDU 6321/1 CC and MECH 412/1 AA
Saleh, Wael MIAE 211/1 AA 
Tadayon, Rahim INDU 323/1 AA
Talla, Malleswara Rao ENGR 301/1 CC
Taraboulsi, Choucri-Gabriel MECH 6941/1 AB
Tata, Viswanath AERO 417/ENGR 6421/1 AA 
Zakeri, Ehsan ENGR 233/1 AA

Name Title Contact
Dr. Rama Bhat Distinguished Professor Emeritus  
Dr. Henry Hong Associate Professor Emeritus  

Affiliate Professors

FARHAD AGHILI, PhD Mchill University

GAO DAYONG, PhD Concordia Univeristy

ALI DOLATABADI, PhD University of Toronto

ANIRBAN GHOSH, PhD Jawaharlal Nehru University


Affiliate Assistant Professor

JAYAN OZHI KANDATHIL, PhD Concordia University

ROCCO PORTARO, PhD Concordia Univeristy

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