MIGS launches new report on Digital Authoritarianism

September 1, 2022
By Kyle Matthews and Marie Lamensch

With support from the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, MIGS launched the Countering Digital Authoritarianism Initiative in April 2021. The project sought to highlight how authoritarian governments leverage digital technologies to repress the rights and freedoms of their citizens and seek to interfere in democratic governments, processes and institutions abroad. 
We are pleased to share with you the report "Digital Authoritarianism: Pathways, Trends, Solutions”, which was written by Jessica Brandt. It aims to increase our understanding of the various pathways through which authoritarian regimes use digital tools to shore up their grip on power at home and undermine liberal norms, and outlines steps that liberal democratic governments can take to push back on digital authoritarianism.
On 1 September at 3 P.M. (EDT), please join MIGS for the launch of the report on Twitter Spaces featuring Jessica Brandt.
 Jessica is policy director for the Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Initiative at the Brookings Institution.

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