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The Will to Intervene Project

Canadian Taskforce to Combat Online Antisemitism

Milan Forum on Preventing Violent Extremism and Mass Atrocities

The Milan Forum for Parliamentary Action on Preventing Violent Extremism and Mass Atrocities is organized in partnership with MIGS and the Stanley Foundation. Preventing Violent Extremism and Mass Atrocities: A Handbook for Parliamentarians


Podcast series

Our conversations with experts about human rights and global affairs

The Digital Mass Atrocity Prevention Lab (DMAP Lab) 

Mapping the Artificial Intelligence, Networked Hate and Human Rights Project

Canadian Coalition to Counter COVID Digital Disinformation

MIGS gratefully acknowledges the support of: Concordia University, James Stanford, The Simons Foundation, The Dym Family Foundation, The Bosch Stiftung, Global Affairs Canada, The Nexus Fund and the Swedish Institute

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