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Kyleisha Foote

PhD Student

Junior Associate

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Kyleisha's research focuses on fish habitat restoration using a large-scale geomorphological approach. Stream restoration often fails because habitat is often inadequate and there is a lack of collaboration between hydrogeomorphologists and biologists. By creating a global database of stream salmonid abundance, she aims to build models to predict salmonid abundance and determine what stream characteristics are important for salmonids. This information can then be used to guide stream restoration efforts.
Kyleisha's research interests are varied from stream habitat restoration, fluvial geomorphological, environmental economics and externalities, sustainable land use practices, and water quality and quantity problems. She completed a master's degree in Environmental Management examining environmental externalities in the New Zealand dairy industry.

Kyleisha is working under the supervision of Dr. Pascale Biron in the in Department of Geography, Planning and Environment and Dr. James Grant in the Department of Biology at Concordia University.

The title of Kyleisha's thesis project is An ecological and hydrogeomorphological approach to predicting and restoring salmonid abundance in streams.

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