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Pascale Biron, PhD

Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

Office: S-H 1255-41 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2061

Dr. Biron has studied at the Université de Montréal and at Leeds University during her doctoral research on fluvial geomorphology. She has joined Concordia in 1998. Her research involves river dynamics, stream restoration for fish habitat, sustainable management of agricultural streams, climate change impacts on rivers, three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics and river management. Dr. Biron works in collaboration with researchers in Biology and Earth Science departments.

Professional affiliations

Canadian Geomorphology Research Group
Canadian Association of Geographers
American Geophysical Union
Member of CIRSA (Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche sur le Saumon Atlantique)
Member of GRIL (Groupe de Recherche Interuniversitare en Limnologie et en environnement aquatique)

Research activities


River dynamics and fish habitat in perturbed environments
River corridors: a sustainable river management approach in the context of climate change
Numerical modelling of river dynamics
Impacts of bank stabilization on fish habitat

Selected publications

Refereed contributiuons (last 4 years)

  1. Massey, W., Biron, P.M., Choné, G. (2017) Impacts of river bank stabilization using riprap on fish habitat in two contrasting environments. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 42, 635-646.
  2. Paradis, A., Biron, P.M. (2017) Integrating hydrogeomorphological concepts in management approaches of lowland agricultural streams: Perspectives, problems and prospects based on case studies in Quebec. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 42, 1, 54-69.
  3. Rousseau.Y.Y., Biron, P.M. and Van De Wiel, M.J. (2016) Sensitivity of simulatedflow fields and bathymetries in meandering channels to the choice of amorphodynamic model. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 41, 9, 1169-1184.
  4. Larocque, M., Biron, P.M., Buffin-Bélanger, T., Needelman, M., Cloutier, C.-A., McKenzie, J. (2016) Role of the geomorphic setting in controlling groundwater-surface water exchanges in riverine wetlands - a case study from two southern Québec rivers (Canada). Canadian Water Resources Journal, 41, 4, 528-542.
  5. Choné, G. and Biron, P.M. (2016) Assessing the relationship between river mobility and habitat. River Research and Applications. 32, 528-539.
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  7. Biron, P.M., Buffin-Bélanger, T., Larocque, M., Choné, G., Cloutier, C.-A., Ouellet, M.-A., Demers, S., Olsen, T., Desjarlais, C. and Eyquem, J. (2014) Freedom space for rivers: a sustainable management approach to enhance river resilience. Environmental Management, 54, 5, 1056-1073.
  8. Rousseau, Y.Y., Van De Wiel, M. and Biron, P.M. (2014) Implementation of geotechnical and vegetation modules in TELEMAC to simulate the dynamics of vegetated alluvial floodplains. In: Bertrand, O. and Coulet, C. (eds) Proceedings of the 21st Telemac-Mascaret User Conference, Grenoble, France, ARTELIA Eau & Environnement, 169-177.
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  11. Biron, P.M., Buffin-Bélanger, T., Demers, S. and Olsen, T. (2013) Improvement of streams hydro-geomorphological assessment using LiDAR DEMs. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 38, 15, 1808-1821.
  12. Ramamurthy, A.S., Han, S.S. and Biron, P.M. (2013) Three-dimensional simulation parameters for sharp open-channel bend flows. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE, 27, 3, 282-291.
  13. Biron, P.M., Carver, R.B. and Carré, D.M. (2012) Sediment transport and flow dynamics around a restored pool in a fish habitat rehabilitation project: field and 3D numerical modelling experiments. River Research and Applications, 28, 7, 926-939.
  14. Rodrigue-Gervais, K., Biron, P.M. and Lapointe, M.F. (2012) Closure to “Temporal development of scour holes around submerged stream deflectors” by Karen Rodrigue-Gervais, Pascale M. Biron and Michel F. Lapointe. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 138, 3, 310-311.
  15. Grosman, P.D., Jaeger, J.A.G., Biron, P.M., Dussault, C. and Ouellet, J.-P. (2012) Évaluation de l’efficacité des mesures d’atténuation des accidents routiers impliquant l’orignal par la modélisation individu-centrée. Le Naturaliste Canadien, 136, 2, 16-21.
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  22. Han, S., Biron, P.M. and Ramamurthy, A.S. (2011) Three-dimensional modeling of flow in open-channel sharp bends with vanes. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 49, 1, 64-72.

Teaching activities

GEOG 375 Hydrology
GEOG 377 Landform Evolution
GEOG 463 Advanced GIS
HENV 655 Environmental Modelling

Graduate Student Supervision (last 5 years)

  1. Han, S. Use of vanes in sharp bends to improve open-channel flow characteristics: Laboratory and numerical experiments. Started: 2002. Completed 2010 (Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Ramamurthy, Dept. of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  2. Verhaar, P., Ph.D. Numerical modeling of the impact of climate change on the morphology of St. Lawrence tributaries. Started: 2005. Completed: 2010.
  3. Rousseau, Y., M.Sc. Assessment of management strategies for a lowland straigthened agricultural stream. Started: 2008. Completed: 2010.
  4. Carré, D. Ph.D. Flow dynamics and bedload sediment transport around paired deflectors for fish habitat enhancement. Started: 2003. Completed: 2011 (Co-supervisor: Dr. S. Gaskin, Dept. of Civil Engineering, McGill University)
  5. Lovi, E., M.Sc. Geomorphological assessment of the sedimentary dynamics of the Sunday River (Qc). Started: 2009. Completed 2012.
  6. Grosman, P. M.Sc. Agent-based modelling of moose-vehicle collision mitigation approaches. Started: 2009. Completed: 2011(Co-supervisor: Dr. J. Jaeger)
  7. Rousseau, Y., Ph.D. Modelling the effects of riparian vegetation on stream bank stability and channel evolution. Started: 2010. In progress (Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Van De Wiel, Dept. of Geography, University of Western Ontario)
  8. Choné, G., M.Sc. The mobility space of rivers in southern Quebec: implications for river management and habitats within the context of climate change. Started: 2011. Completed 2013.
  9. Needelman, M., M.Sc. Assessing the contribution of groundwater flow linked to wetlands in river corridors. Started: 2011, Completed 2014 (Co-supervisor: Dr. Marie Larocque, Dept of Earth and Atmosphere Science, UQAM)
  10. Paradis, A., M.Sc. Assessing the use of alternative methods for artificial drainage in agricultural watersheds to provide more freedom space for rivers. Started: 2013. Completed 2015.
  11. Massey, W., M.Sc. Impact of bank stabilization on fish habitat. Started: 2013. In progress.
  12. Volmar, E., M.Sc. An assessment of agricultural stream designs used in maintenance operations in Quebec. Started: 2014. In progress (Co-supervisor: Dr. S. Gaskin, Dept. of Civil Engineering, McGill University)
  13. Baril, A.-M., M.Sc. An assessment of a stream restoration project for yellow sturgeon in the Ouareau River, Quebec. Started 2014. In progress (Co-supervisor: Dr. J. Grant, Dept. of Biology, Concordia University)
  14. Martel, N., M.Sc. Effet de la morphologie du chenal et de la structure de l’écoulement sur la mise en place et l’évolution d’un couvert de glace à une confluence. Started 2014. In progress (Co-supervisor: Dr. T. Buffin-Bélanger, Dept de biologie, chimie et géographie, UQAR)
  15. Massé, S., Ph.D. Le rôle de l'intégration des connaissances scientifiques dans la prise de décision quant à la gestion des cours par l’approche d’espace de liberté. Started 2014. In progress (Co-supervisors: Dr. T. Buffin-Bélanger, Dept de biologie, chimie et géographie, UQAR and Dr. J. Ruiz, Sciences de l'environnement, UQTR)
  16. Morin, S., Ph.D. Modelling freedom space of rivers in a climate change context. (co-supervisor: Dr. T. Buffin-Bélanger, Dept de biologie, chimie et géographie, UQAR). Started 2015. In progress.
  17. Botrel, M., Ph.D. Rôle de la dynamique des courants dans la capacité de rétention et de transformation du phosphore et de l'azote dans les herbiers aquatiques. (co-supervisors: Dr. R. Maranger, Dept de biologie, Université de Montréal and Dr. C. Hudon, Environment Canada). Started 2015. In progress.

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