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Step 1 — Academic Advising

The requirements for advising prior to registration vary according to your program of study. To determine if you require advising, go to your Faculty or School’s advising information page by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Remember that if you are required to meet with an adviser before registering, you will not have access to the Web Registration System until you do so.

Arts and Science:

MA Media Studies
Diplôme en Traduction
PhD Education 
MA Child Studies
MA Educational Studies
Diploma Adult Education 
MA Applied Linguistics
MA Educational Technology
Diploma Instructional Technology
MSc Chemistry and Biochemistry

John Molson School of Business:

Diploma in Business Administration
Certificate in Business Administration
Diploma Chartered Professional Accountancy

Engineering and Computer Science:

MEng Building Engineering
MEng Civil Engineering

MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering

MEng Information Systems Security
MEng Quality Systems Engineering

MEng Aerospace
MEng Industrial Engineering
MEng Mechanical Engineering

MAppl Computer Science
MEng Software Engineering

Fine Arts:

PhD Art Education
MA Art Education
MA Art History
Graduate Certificate in Digital Techonlogies in Design Art Practice
PhD Film and Moving Images
MA Film Studies

Step 2 — Organize your Registration Materials

In order to access the Web Registration System (MyConcordia portal), you will need your Netname and password, your student ID number, which is on your Letter of Acceptance (new students) or your Concordia record (returning students).

The Graduate Calendar is useful if you wish to see a course description or verify program requirements.

The list of available courses will appear on your registration screen. You can also prepare for your registration by consulting the Class Schedule and your Degree Audit.

Please note during peak registration periods the system has a time limit of 30 minutes. Consulting these resources in advance will help you plan your course selection and enable you to save time.

Please note the following:

Qualifying programs

Qualifying program courses consist of deficiencies and/or additional course requirements that are not part of the degree program requirements but must be completed in order to graduate. You will not be permitted to register for your graduate program courses until you have registered for your qualifying program courses. All qualifying courses are to be completed in the first 3 terms following your term of admission. If your qualifying program course(s), listed in your letter of admission, are not specific please consult with your adviser to determine the required courses, prior to registration.

Time Conflict

You will not be allowed to register for courses where any of the class hours (including labs, tutorials, etc.) overlap with another course.

English Language Requirements

If you are required to register for ESL (English as a Second Language) courses and have written the appropriate placement test, you may obtain your test results at


Degree students: You are not permitted to register for a course that has a prerequisite if you have not completed that prerequisite. If you have received authorization from an academic adviser to register for a course without the stated prerequisite, the adviser must enter a waiver that will permit you access to the course.

Step 3 — Registration System Availability

On the registration “start dates”, the system is programmed to be available from 6:00 a.m. onward. After your original “start date”, the system is available at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The registration system may be extremely busy at 6:00 a.m. on each new “start date” so it is strongly recommended that you wait until later in the day.

In order to perform routine computer maintenance, the system will occasionally be unavailable. If you are registering when the computer is scheduled to go down, you will be disconnected without warning. However, all confirmed transactions done to this point will be saved. We recommend you verify your registration status the next time you access the registration system.

System unavailability is announced on

Step 4 — Registration

While advisers and staff are always available to give advice and guidance, you are responsible for the completeness and correctness of your course selection and registration, and for observing the University’s regulations and deadlines.

  • Netname and Password Instructions

    Information regarding the use of a netname and password is available on the student portal at

    For security reasons please keep your password confidential.

  • Program of Study Verification

    Once you have entered your netname and password, you will see your current program of study (e.g. MA Media Studies). If the information concerning your program is incorrect you may contact Graduate Program Assistant to find out how to make corrections. It is important for this information to be correct, as the wrong degree may block you from entering courses for which you are eligible.

  • Address Verification

    On this screen, you will see your current address. Follow the instructions if you wish to correct your address, or continue to the next step. Please note you are responsible for providing the University with your current mailing address. You are required to fulfill all financial and administrative obligations within the prescribed deadlines regardless of the validity of your address in our files.

  • Registration Status

    On this screen, you will see a list of the courses for which you have already registered in the current academic year. Your options will be to add a course, make a section change, or drop a course.

It is extremely important that you complete each transaction by using the confirmation button. Neglecting to do this will result in the transaction being cancelled.

Adding courses
  1. Choose “add a course” and select your course by entering the course name and number.
  2. The course you selected will appear on a course search result screen. Additional information such as special topic, prerequisite(s), course notes and summer term dates are available by clicking the details button.
  3. After you have selected the course to add, a confirmation of selection screen will ask you to confirm your selection.
  4. Following confirmation, a screen will inform you if registration has been approved or denied. If registration is denied, a reason will be provided.

If a course has reached its registration limit, you will be offered the possibility to view other sections of that course that might be available to you. If there are none, select another course. Don’t forget, however, that students will be adding and dropping courses throughout the year and places may become free. You will have ample opportunity to add or drop courses and make any other changes you wish until the add/drop deadline.

If you wish to register for course(s) not listed in the available courses, please contact your Graduate Program Assistant.

Note for Master/PhD students: Registration regulations state that Master and PhD students must maintain continuous registration. If you are not taking a course each term, a notation “Continuing in Program” will be reflected on your record. Please refer to Tuition and Fees for detailed information.

Remember to register for both Fall and Winter courses at the same time – do not wait until later in the Fall to register for your Winter courses as you may find them filled to capacity.

Course Section changes

If there are multiple sections of a particular course, the section change function allows you to verify the availability of another section of the same course before you make a decision. There is, therefore, no risk of losing the section you have if another section is not available. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, use the drop and add features to accomplish a section change. If you drop the section that you are currently registered for and then find out that no spaces are available in other sections, you may not be able to get back into the section you were originally registered in as another student may have taken your place once you dropped the course.

  1. Select “Section Change” next to the course in which you wish to make a change of section.
  2. A screen will appear listing all other sections of the same course. If you find one you wish to enter, press the Change button.
  3. Either confirm or cancel the action by clicking the appropriate button. If you cancel the action, you will be returned to the Results of Course Change Search screen. If you choose Confirm Change, the system will approve or deny the section change. If approved, you will be added to the section chosen and dropped from the other. Confirmation of the change will be displayed on the Course Section Change Approved screen. You will then be able to return to the Registration Status screen where the new section will be listed.

Please note: Once the last date for registration has passed, you may not make section changes.

Dropping courses

Please note: If you only want to change sections of the same course use the “Section Change” function.

Dropping a course means you have decided you no longer wish to remain registered in it. There are two types of course withdrawals and both are controlled by deadline dates shown in Term Dates and Deadlines:

  • DNE (did not enter) – The DNE date is generally one to two weeks after the first day of classes. A withdrawal (drop) before the DNE deadline date is treated as if you were never in the course. There will be no entry on your student record for that course and you will not be charged tuition and other fees for that course. If you have already paid for the course, you will receive financial credit for course fees. Please note: Students in Masters/PhD programs will continue to be billed tuition and other fees for the term unless they DNE for all courses in the term and request a leave of absence.

  • DISC (discontinue) – The DISC date is later in the term. A withdrawal (drop) after the DNE date, but before the DISC deadline date allows you to stop attending that course with no academic penalty. Unlike the DNE, however, the course will remain on your student record with an entry of DISC and you will be held financially responsible for the payment of 100% of tuition and other fees, including the Winter term of a full-year course (/3).

If you attempt to DNE or DISC a course that is a co-requisite or prerequisite to another course for which you have registered, you will not be permitted to do so until you also drop the second course.

Choose “Drop” next to the course you wish to drop.

  • Confirm the action. If yourrequest to drop a course has been accepted a confirmation of course dropscreen will appear showing the details and asking you to confirm yourselection by clicking the “Confirm Drop” or “Don’t Drop” button. You will be returned to the Registration Status screen where your course will no longer be shown if the course was dropped before the DNE deadline. After the DNE deadline and before the DISC deadline, the notation DISC will appear beside the course you have confirmed to drop.

Please note: Not attending classes, or informing an instructor of the intent to withdraw, does not constitute official withdrawal, nor does it entitle a student to a refund of fees or cancellation of registration. Without formally dropping the course by the appropriate academic withdrawal deadline, non-attendance of a class will result in the assignment of a failing grade. If a graduate student no longer wishes to continue in the program they must complete the notice of withdrawal from graduate program form and submit it to the Graduate Program Director Master and PhD students who do not formally withdraw will continue to billed fees.

Step 5 — How to Obtain Help

If you encounter faculty-related difficulties while using the Registration System, please refer to the following links:
For Technical system problems please refer to the announcements page.

» Arts and Science
» John Molson School of Business
» Engineering and Computer Science
» Fine Arts

Step 6 — Verify Your Schedule

You can verify your schedule on your student portal (

Step 7 — Obtain your Account Balance and Verify Payment Deadlines

You can obtain your account balance and verify payment deadline dates by visiting the student portal at





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