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Our coaching programs respond to your unique training and development needs with customized and effective solutions.

These programs are available to individual managers or as a follow-up to participants after a customized group program. 

Ready for impact? 

Team coaching

Our certified coaches provide your team(s) a confidential, empowering and professional coaching experience that can boost performance and create value for your organization. Coaching helps to improve team functioning and strengthens commitment towards a shared vision.

The agility of the team will have an impact on your organization’s success.  Your coach will work with your team(s) to gather information on how the team currently functions, offer recommendations to team members for improving communication, collaborating more effectively, and developing trust within the workplace.

What you can expect:

  • ICF Certified Coach with extensive executive experience to work within your organization to assess team learning needs
  • Improved team performance – building collaboration
  • Engagement toward a shared vision


Strategic retreats

The retreat offers a relaxing setting where the members of the board or executive committee can review the year’s performance and consider the development of plans without constant distractions.  It is also an opportunity to strengthen team relationships and set goals for the upcoming year. 

The John Molson Executive Centre can offer board level specific coaching related to:

1.     Board culture — moving from ceremonial boards to liberated boards to progressive boards — and the implications for board culture.  Board culture can be constructively influenced and shaped and contributes to the effectiveness of governance. 

2.     Board leadership — the importance of board leaders fully understanding and stepping into their role, defining the board mandate with clarity, and leveraging the full power of their board.


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