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Our goal

Overall, ICOP’s goal is to create concrete opportunities for students to become informed, engaged and actively involved in international development. By focusing on economic, social and environmental issues, ICOP aims to enable students to put words into actions so that they may become global citizens and social leaders.

Our Mission

ICOP has the potential to become a breakthrough program, one that can inspire similar programs at other leading business schools. A program that can harness the power of business and the minds of tomorrow’s business leaders.  Our mission is to make a positive impact in places where it is desperately needed.

International Development

Learn, Get Involved, and Make a Difference! 

ICOP in the News

"A new generation of M.B.A. graduates sets out to better the world. Honestly

"Taking the field trip global
Embassy magazine

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2019 ICOP Team:

  • President - Yingying Zhang
  • VP Fundraising - Karine Prevost
  • VP Marketing - Anmol Talwar
  • VP Finance - Rajni Teotia
  • VP Events and Logistics - Yuvraj Singh

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