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Desjardins Centre for Innovation in Business Finance

Desjardins Centre for Innovation in Business Finance

The Desjardins Centre for Innovation in Business Finance is funded by a generous endowment from the Desjardins Group. The Centre’s research will focus on innovation in business finance and on advances in the financial services sector, with specific reference to the effects on small to medium-sized business customers.

Increased competition at all levels of the financial services industry is forcing banks and other financial institutions to address the fundamental financial needs of their business clients, especially those of small and medium-sized enterprises. The Centre will examine the types of tools and strategies that financial institutions will need to develop to remain competitive.


  • Conduct comparative academic research on small and medium size enterprises in Canada and internationally
  • Promote research on financial institutions dealing with the financing of small and medium size enterprises
  • Consolidate and improve its current research program to increase refereed academic and professional publications in conference presentations, both nationally and internationally
  • Provide support to students who are interested in the field of business finance
  • Provide funding for JMSB faculty members’ projects in the area of innovation in business finance
  • Organize an annual public event on a topic that is relevant to banking and financing innovations for small to medium-sized businesses

Calls for proposals

The Centre is currently inviting two types of proposals:

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