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Michael Ogoms

Michael's LinkedIn

Program: MSc Management (Full-time)
Term of entry: Fall 2020
Graduation term: Fall 2022

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Languages spoken: English

Most recent position: Associate Consultant at PwC

Why did you choose John Molson School of Business? I chose JMSB because of its great reputition and location. Also, the MSc Management program allows you to pursue a Ph.D. or go straight into industry. I appreciated the flexibility and options the MSc program gave me.

Favourite place in Montreal? I got a chance to live in the Old Port when I went to Concordia; I absolutely loved going on walks along the Canal.

Future aspirations: Eventually, to complete a Ph.D. focusing on neurodiversity, researching a topic that can have a significant positive impact on many people. Additionally, research best practices and applications for extensions into the industry by gaining experience in consulting.

What do you wish you knew before starting the program? I wish I knew about all the resources available at Concordia. Many classes and events are offered, from thesis writing to CV upskilling. Additionally, I wish I had known about the all too common graduate school challenge "impostor syndrome" and taken appropriate steps to mitigate it.

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