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ENCS User Account Quick Reference Guide

Welcome to the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (GCS). All GCS students, faculty and staff within GCS are given an ENCS user account. The username and password associated with the account are required to access systems, applications, and computers managed by the School.

Depending on your role within the School, the user account includes access to data storage space, email, and web space, and may also include the use of some desktop labs and Unix servers. For more information about your eligibility, please read the ENCS user account page in the IT Service Catalogue.

Below is a quick overview of GCS IT facilities available to owners of ENCS accounts. Please refer to our website ( for more detailed information regarding these IT facilities.

How to Acquire an ENCS Account

To remotely set up your user account for the first time, submit an IT Service Desk Support Request or email

How to Reset an account Password

The initial password provided with a new account can be reset online by visiting .

In the event of a lost password, submit an IT Service Desk Support Request or email

Student Account Expiry

Student ENCS accounts remain valid throughout a student's Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science program. The ac­count can be granted a grace period of one term after the student graduates. The account will be blocked and deleted after the grace period has ended.

Computer Labs

Full details on labs reserved for members of the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, including information about hours of availability and access permissions for an individual lab, are available at

Remote access to lab computers has been enabled, consult this page for more details.

Lab Access and Door codes:

Grad students are entitled to access the general purpose labs in the EV building (e.g. EV008.119, EV009.139) and in the Hall building (H0962-00 & H0966-00).  In addition, students may have access to certain teaching labs, depending on the course(s) they are taking.  For information about all general access labs in EV (grads only), visit

For the complete list of  labs to which a user has access, go to

Disk Quotas and Location of Disk Space

The basic disk quota for the student account is 2 GB (MASc & PhD students have an additional 2 GB in the Thesis space).  The UNIX/Linux Home (U), Windows Home (G), Web Home (W), and Thesis (T) directories are ALL taken into account when determining the disk quota. These directories are mounted in Windows and Unix/Linux as follows:

Personal Network Share

Unix/Linux Path

(FL* is first letter of your ENCS username)

Windows Drive Letter

Unix Home



Windows Home



Web Home

/www/home/ FL*/ENCS_USERNAME


Thesis Space



For more information about network drive mapping (i.e. Thesis), please visit:

Note: If you are over disk quota, you could experience login problems. Applications may not run properly. For assistance, please visit or email us.  Users can access the On­line Backup System to recover files that have been deleted or modified.  We backup files stored on your ENCS network drives.  Please refer to for details.

Linux Servers       

Being a user of Gina Cody School of ENCS, everyone is entitled to access various Linux servers.  A list can be found at:


Faculty and staff at the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science have access to a unique printing service. The service is available with two types of printing options for user-managed systems that use ENCS quota. Users can print through the SAMBA server or through a Line Printer Remote (LPR) port. The main difference between these two choices is how printing quota is managed. For more information, review

The Concordia DPrint Service is also available to students, faculty and staff


Every Gina Cody School of ENCS student acquires a computer account which is capable of email; the address is <username> Information on how to configure your mail client software for use with ENCS mail can be found at Alternatively, you can use our webmail service

Email Quota

The "Inbox" mail folder is where incming messages are delivered by default, and it has a quota of 87 MB. Once that quota limit is reached, further messages cannot be delivered. Deliveries will be re-tried for five days, after which the messages will bounce back to the sender. To check your "Inbox" quota (and other disk quotas), go to, or type "quota" at a Linux/Unix prompt.

Note that your mail folders other than "Inbox" reside on a different filesystem and are subject to a different, larger quota: that of your home directories. Therefore, if your inbox is getting full, you may be able to clear it out by moving messages to other folders.

Finally, please be aware that the maximum size allowed for a single message is 50 MB.

Forward ENCS Email

For instructions of how to Forward your ENCS Account's email to another, please refer to the FAQ How do I forward my ENCS email to another email inbox?  at for details.

Personal Website

Your Website is located at Please refer to the FAQ: How do I set up my ENCS website? at for details

How to Request an AITS Service

AITS Service Request Forms are at your disposal on the following web page:

ENCS User Account Policies

You will find a listing of our policies on the following web page:

Microsoft Azure

All GCS Students are elligible for the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Program

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