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Automation of mail delivery at Gina Cody School

It is possible to considerably automate your email processing at GCS: you can forward some or all messages, auto-respond to some or all messages, selectively file incoming messages into particular folders, reduce incoming spam, and more.

As of June 2022, the preferred way to do this is with SIEVE, which you can configure in a user-friendly way using webmail; just select "Mail" from the top menubar, then "Filters" from the resulting drop-down menu, then you can edit your mail automation settings. There is online help within Webmail; simply select the question mark icon to access the help topics.

For more information about SIEVE, please see:

The former method of mail automation, procmail, is still supported, but is recommended only if you have very complex needs and a fair amount of computer savvy. For more about procmail, please see:

For most users, existing settings in ".procmailrc" have been translated to SIEVE. If your settings could not be fully translated, we've e-mailed you about it. If you are concerned about the transition or have any further questions about procmail or SIEVE, please open a ticket with <>.

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