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How do I recover files from the GCS Backup System?

All users of the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science's computing resources can access the school's on-line backup system. 


The On-line Backup System creates "snapshots" (read-only copies of your files) at regular intervals. Under Unix, every directory mounted from Netapp has a ".snapshot" subdirectory with a number of entries. These ".snapshot" directories are not visible in a directory listing, nor do they come up in shell filename autocompletion; you must refer to these directories explicitly e.g., with ls -al .snapshot.

You can recover files that have been deleted or changed by copying files from a snapshot to your home (or other relevant) directory.

In order to recover a file, you will need to know that file's name and full path. First, find all available versions of your lost or damaged file under the ".snapshot" directory, then select the desired version of the file to be recovered, and copy it to an appropriate target directory.

Examples of how to view the contents of the ".snapshot" directory and how to recover a file can be found in the FAQ section below.


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