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How do I configure ENCS email delivery with SIEVE?

What is SIEVE?

SIEVE is a standards-compliant mail processing language (IETF RFC 5228) that you can use to specify how to file your mail, discard it, forward it, autorespond, and so on. The ENCS mail reading (IMAP) and delivery system, Dovecot, contains the Pigeonhole SIEVE interpreter.

Also, ManageSieve is a protocol that allows the management of user SIEVE scripts by software, and this protocol is supported by both Pigeonhole and by Horde Webmail using the Horde Ingo front end to manage SIEVE scripts.

Thus, it is possible (and recommended!) to manage your SIEVE mail filtering rules entirely via the user-friendly ENCS webmail interface.

If you'd rather edit your SIEVE rules manually, you can find a clear introduction to SIEVE syntax at:


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