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GCS Public Access Servers

As a GCS user, you are entitled to access some of the Linux servers listed below. Telnet and FTP are disabled for security reasons. You should instead use SSH or SCP/SFTP to remotely access these facilities.

Some of the services below are actully groups of servers; use the given name, and you will be connected to the best available server in the group, at that moment.

Server Group Who Purpose All ENCS Users Interactive **only** (reading mail, editing files, etc.) All ENCS Users Compute (max 2 concurrent jobs) Students in particular courses (professor makes request) Compute (course work only) (HPC) Faculty and their grad students, upon request. (see speed) Compute (see speed for more information)
Various research servers* According to server owner According to server owner

* Some professors have their own private servers; if your professor has such a server, they will decide whether to grant you access, and will give you the name(s) of the host(s).


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