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Electronic Assignment Submission

The Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (ENCS) provides an Electronic Assignment Submission (EAS) service to its members. All faculty, staff and students with an active ENCS User Account are able to access this service.

All EAS functions (course section registration for EAS, student interface, marker interface, course instructor interface) are accessed through a single URL:

Information for Instructors and markers

In order to use the EAS system for a course section, the course section's instructor must first register the course section in EAS. Only the course instructor can register a course section.

Using EAS, the course instructor can set submission deadlines as well as schedule lab tests and lab exams per course section. Lab tests and lab exams can be performed by the student using lab computers. The resources available on the lab computers can be configured to provide open or closed book environments for the duration of the lab test or lab exam.

The markers of student submissions can set up to be notified by the EAS system for new student submissions in the following time intervals: daily, three days, or weekly. Student submissions are archived by EAS and made available upon request to the course section instructor for up to the eight terms.

Uploading Your Course Section Assignments in EAS for Student Download

This functionality is available in the course instructor's Upload Assignments tab. You can upload your teaching course(s) assignments in the EAS system for student download during any academic term, even when you do not use EAS for collecting student assignments. The students log in EAS and can download their assignments for any course section they are registered for that have uploaded assignments in the system. This saves on storing your course(s) assignments in personal or course Web pages and the need to protect those Web pages to allow them access only to the students registered in your course section(s). You can download and delete any assignment you uploaded in the EAS system at any time during the curren

Course Instructor Demo/ Test the EAS Timed Test Functionality

For the Timed Test functionality we can provide a test/practice environment on the EAS development system where the course instructor can test all the timed test EAS functionality as: uploading a test in the system as course instructor, downloading it as a student, uploading the completed test as a student and downloading it as a course instructor.

Information for Students

Currently, students can upload archive files of up to 1.5 GB in size. This limit can be incresed upon demand or the user can submit larger file sizes by submitting a sequence of multipart archives of a single larger archive.

More information

For complete information about the EAS system, please log in to EAS and review the EAS Info/ EAS Description page. All ENCS users (all faculty, students, course instructors and staff) can log in to EAS and read that information page (even though they may not currently use it or are planning to use it in the future).

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