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Data Storage

The Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (formerly ENCS) offers data storage to active faculty, staff, and students within the Gina Cody School depending on their user account type.

For more information about ENCS user accounts and the amount of data storage space allocated per user type, visit the ENCS User account page witin the IT Service Catalogue.

To review your current ENCS group quota and ENCS print quota, please visit the online File Storage Quota tool.


Location of Disk Space

Users can access the network shares in both Unix/ Linux and Windows.  To access your disk space from Windows, use your ENCS account credentials to map the network drive.  To access your disk space on an ENCS-managed Unix/ Linux host, simply change to the directory where the disk space is located by using the "cd" command. If you have a user-managed Unix/Linux computer, you can mount the needed filesystems using the CIFS protocol.

The Unix paths and Windows Drive folders are listed in the tables below.


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