Approved calculators

Students studying at the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (GCS)  must use an approved calculator during exams. Students not taking a course in Gina Cody School of ENCS must to go to their home departments to request a sticker.

You will not be permitted to complete an exam with a calculator not on the approved list.

In order to prove that your calculator is an accepted model, you will need to bring your calculator to the GCS Service Centre at H-964 to receive a sticker showing that the calculator is approved for use during an exam.

  • If your calculator is on the approved list, a sticker will be affixed to the calculator (usually on the front).
  • If your calculator is not on the approved list, you will have to acquire a different calculator.
  • The Casio FX-300MS and Sharp EL-531XG calculators are available for purchase at the bookstore. On the purchase of either of these calculators, the cashier will affix a sticker to it.
  • You may purchase an approved calculator off campus but you must return to H-964 with the calculator for verification and a sticker.

Gina Cody School of ENCS approved calculators list

Casio FX-82AU Casio FX-270W Plus Sharp EL-509A
Casio FX-82ES Casio FX-280 Sharp EL-509D
Casio FX-82ES Plus Casio FX-300ES Sharp EL-509G
Casio FX-82L Casio FX-300ES Plus Sharp EL-509H
Casio FX-82LB Casio FX-300MS Sharp EL-509LH
Casio FX-82MS Casio FX-300MS (2nd edition) Sharp EL-509RH
Casio FX-82 Super Casio FX-300W Sharp EL-509VH
Casio FX-82SX Casio FX-350ES Sharp EL-510R
Casio FX-82TL Casio FX-350ES Plus Sharp EL-510RN
Casio FX-82W Casio FX-350HA Sharp EL-513W
Casio FX-83ES Casio FX-350MS Sharp EL-515
Casio FX-83MS Casio FX-350TL Sharp EL-520L
Casio FX-85ES Casio FX-350TLG Sharp EL-531A
Casio FX-85MS Casio FX-500A Sharp EL-531G
Casio FX-85W Casio FX-500ES Sharp EL-531H
Casio FX-911W   Sharp EL-531L
Casio FX-92   College   Sharp EL-531LH
Casio FX-92   College III   Sharp EL-531P
Casio FX-92   College New +   Sharp EL-531R
Casio FX-95   Sharp EL-531RH
Casio FX-95MS   Sharp EL 531TG
Casio FX-100S   Sharp EL-531V
Casio FX-220   Sharp EL-531VH
Casio FX-250HA   Sharp EL-531W
Casio FX-250HC   Sharp EL-531WH
Casio FX-260   Solar Fraction   Sharp EL-531X
Casio FX-260   Solar II   Sharp EL-531XG
Casio FX-270W    Sharp EL-531XT
    Sharp EL-W531 WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535 WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535TG WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535X WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535XG WriteView
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