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A busy fall for Matthew Anderson

November 18, 2022

Professor Matthew Anderson Dr. Matthew Anderson

Our very own part-time Faculty member, Matthew Anderson, is in the midst of multiple projects that are keeping him busy as he settles into his new life on Canada’s east coast. Matthew’s new book with Ray Aldred, Our Home and Treaty Land (Woodlake, 2022), came out this fall and has been doing very well for itself. Matthew’s upcoming book, Prophets of Love: the Unlikely Kinship of Leonard Cohen and the Apostle Paul, will be following shortly and is currently at the press, soon to be at the proofs stage. Dr. Anderson was awarded a Concordia ARRE grant of $5000 to help with this work’s publication and an additional $1500 from CUPFA to help cover the costs of indexing.

Matthew was also invited to be the “invite d’honneur” and give a keynote address at the Second Colloquium of the Reseau Québecois pour les études pèlerines. It will take place under the auspices of the société québecoise pour l’études de la religion, UQAM and Université Laval.

Dr. Anderson would also like to report that his partner, and former faculty here at the Department of Theological Studies, Sara Parks, was asked to give the annual public lecture for 2023 at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin this coming February. He also conveys that former faculty member, Jon Waind, is just two doors down from him at St. FX in Nova Scotia where he is happily teaching in a full-time LTA position.

Matthew wishes to thank the AARE, CUPFA, Sandra Topisirovic, and Marie-France Dion for their support and help in all the above endeavours.

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