FAS celebrates academic success at 2018 Scholar Awards

October 18, 2018
By Elisabeth Faure

On October 17, Concordia’s Faculty of Arts and Science gathered once again to honour its top academic achievers.

Students honoured at the Scholar Awards all score in the very top percentile of their units, meaning a lot of long hours hitting the books.

We caught up with three of this year’s Scholars to learn about their journey in advance of the awards ceremony.

Zackary Derrick
Zackary Derrick

Derrick is a 4th year undergraduate student in the School of Community and Public Affairs (he is also a member of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute). Majoring in First Peoples studies and minoring in Women's studies, he currently volunteers with the Union for Gender Empowerment and is sitting on the board of directors of the Concordia Co-op Bookstore.    

“I choose Concordia because they are currently the only English university that offers a major in First Peoples studies,” Derrick explains. “As a future social worker, I feel that decolonization, including in the academia, is an important process to be actively involved in.”

“Being named a Scholar has significant meaning to me as a disabled student. This award encourages me to continue my educational career and believe in my accomplishments.”


Kelly Burchell-Reyes

Hailing from the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Burchell-Reyes is also a member of the Science College, the Institute for Co-Operative Education and the Garnet Key Society.

“The Science College highlights the interplay of all science disciplines and has piqued my curiosity for research endeavours, says Burchell-Reyes. “Co-Op has demonstrated the professional aspects of my field of study, and has increased my confidence and competence in performing laboratory tasks.”

After beginning her academic journey in Biochemistry, she switched to Chemistry in her second semester, later performing two of her Science College research projects and a Co-Op work term under a NSERC USRA in Biology-related laboratories.

“I owe my deepest gratitude to my supportive professors who have fielded innumerable questions during office hours, valued my insight in research problems, and brightened my day with a hello in the hallway. I have met a myriad of talented students whom I greatly admire and appreciate. While being named an Arts and Science Scholar is a tremendous honour, I am even more honoured to work alongside such brilliant and dedicated individuals at Concordia.”


Emily Cox

Emily Cox completed her diploma in the Liberal Arts program at John Abbott College, and was granted the English Honours Portfolio upon graduating. She is currently studying in Honours English Literature at Concordia University, with a minor in History.

“I chose Concordia University because I was impressed with the professors, the courses offered to English students, and the atmosphere in general,” says Cox. “The study of English literature is my passion and I couldn’t imagine studying anything else, and I could tell that I would have a rewarding experience in this program at Concordia.

Her essay “Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me: The Homosexual Economy of ‘Goblin Market’” was published in the Literature Undergraduates Colloquium at Concordia, 2018 Proceedings.

On being named a Scholar, Cox had the following to say: “I’m honoured to have been named a Scholar, and to have had my hard work recognized in this way. It means a lot to me, and serves as encouragement for me to continue to devote myself to studying English literature.”

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