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Jenny Chaverri

PhD Student

Junior Associate

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Sustainable development is about raising human well-being and protecting the environment. In the context of urban sustainability, cities have prioritized cars leading to negative impacts on society and the environment.
To analyze the policy of changing the vehicle fleet from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to Electric Vehicles (EVs), a four-step travel demand and emission model were developed to forecast traffic emissions and the EVs penetration effect up to 2050 time horizon. Four scenarios were explored: business as usual (BAU), low, moderate, and aggressive to evaluate the potential reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), and Particulate Matter PM2.5. The emission model included vehicle speed and weight, fuel type, and vehicle emission standards.
This research explores the barriers women face to having equal opportunities and differentiating urban mobility needs and patterns. A vertical equity transport planning approach that is pro-poor, gender-sensitive, and considers intermediary social health determinants is developed.

The working title of Jenny's thesis is Planning Transport Systems with Sustainable Development and the SDGs.

Jenny is studying under the supervision of Professors Ketra Schmitt at the Center for Engineering in Society and Ursula Eicker in the Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering at Concordia's Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities.

Jenny can be reached via email at jenny.chaverri AT

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