Help steer progress towards the greatest social good by supporting research on social justice issues such as freedom, equality, solidarity and democracy.

Who we are

Our mission is to investigate the ‘What?’, ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ questions of social justice: What is social justice? Why does it matter? How might it be achieved?

Concordia is home to extensive expertise on social justice, and the Centre seeks to further stimulate research, create collaborations between faculty members and connect them with scholars from other institutions in Canada and abroad.

We work to shed light on new ways to address poverty, political domination, gender oppresion, racism and indifference to the plight of others. By pooling together resources and expertise from disciplines in the humanities, arts and social sciences, we explore diverse questions such as how to:

  • Distribute economic gains from new technologies;
  • Determine fair wages;
  • Increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace of different industries;
  • Help Indigenous and northern communities gain greater accessibility to healthcare, technology and education;
  • Show the links between environmental destruction and social justice;
  • Balance resource exploitation with territorial rights and the public good;
  • Design political institutions to allow for meaningful participation by the ordinary citizen.
Social Justice Centre

Why we need your help

Donor support will help us expand our reach and impact through programs such as:

  • The Concordia Social Justice Symposium;
  • Post-doctoral research;
  • Hosting visiting scholars;
  • Developing the Social Justice and the Future of Work project, addressing the ethical, empirical, and policy issues regarding the transformation of working practices and institutions.

Together, we aspire to a future where economic gains from new technologies are widely distributed, where wages are fair and different industries are truly diverse and inclusive, and where resource exploitation is balanced with territorial rights and the public good.  

Please help us realize this future, and give to the Social Justice Centre today!

Help foster research on social justice issues such as freedom, equality, solidarity and democracy and steer progress towards the greatest social good.

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