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Adopt-a-Student Program

Help full-time students clear financial hurdles that may block their road to graduation and future success.

While tuition in Quebec is relatively low, it is but one portion of student expenses.

For students who live on their own—and especially for those who have spouses and/or children to support—the cost of staying in school can be insurmountable. Add to this the cost of books and living expenses, such as rent, food, transportation and clothing and the price tag becomes steep.

Many students depend on government financial aid, private loans and other sources of assistance. Yet, this much-needed support often fails to fully accommodate their needs.

Through Concordia's Adopt-a-Student program you can provide direct financial assistance to an eligible student and take pride that your gift has directly helped someone reach their full potential.

How to create your own award

  • With a three-year commitment of $2,500 or more per year, you have the privilege of naming an undergraduate bursary or scholarship. 
  • In consulation with a Concordia staff member, you tailor the award to your interests, choosing between alleviating financial need and rewarding academic achievement, or restricting it to students in selected areas of study.

To establish your award today, make your first Adopt-a-Student gift online or call 514-848-2424 ext. 3884.

Upon receipt of your gift, a Concordia staff member will contact you to arrange the details of the award and your pledge (a minimum three-year commitment).

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