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Women & Leadership

Tap into a worldwide network of successful alumnae

Concordia has 112,000+ women graduates around the world. They're a diverse group, working across many fields of employment — business, media, engineering, arts, science, humanities and more. Many are leaders in their field, each with her own networks and experiences to share.

The Concordia Alumni Women & Leadership program connects our alumnae, both in person and online, facilitating the exchange of ideas, information and experiences — to inspire and learn from each other.


The Concordia Alumni Women & Leadership advisory council connects the greater Concordia community and alumnae worldwide to advance women’s leadership and help them achieve their full potential. 

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To bring together members from the greater Concordia community to advance women’s leadership and help them achieve their full potential.

To champion key initiatives that will enable women to accomplish this.


That Concordia be recognized as an environment which promotes equal opportunities for women and helps them maximize their contributions to society.

Strategic orientation

Highlight the diversity of women’s careers and leadership to empower the next generation of Concordia alumnae by providing them with ambassadors, role models, mentors and sponsors.

Offer sustained opportunities for Concordia women to connect and share relevant leadership insights and experience.

Engage university leadership in supporting and advancing women in the greater Concordia community.


To volunteer to speak at an event or offer your suggestions, please contact:


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