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Tuition & fees

Tuition and fees of the program may depend on your student status, among other key factors. Estimate these costs based on the most common situations.

Visit the tuition & fees page for additional details on how tuition fees are calculated.

Awards & funding

Competitive funding packages in the form of awards, teaching and research assistantships are offered at the time of admission to most thesis-based students to allow them to focus on their research and studies. Students are automatically considered for all entrance graduate awards when they apply to Concordia, provided they meet eligibility criteria. No separate application is required.

The Quebec and Canadian governments offer a number of competitive graduate scholarships. We encourage you to apply for these awards at the same time you are preparing your application.

Awards, scholarships & bursaries

Once you submit your application, you are automatically considered for all entrance graduate awards. Benefit from over 1,400 annual awards, including generous scholarships, financial support for conference travel and incentives to graduate sooner.

Scholarships for international students

As a non-Canadian resident, you may be eligible for international fee exemptions that allow you to pay Quebec tuition rates. Other funding opportunities include doctoral research scholarships, postdoctoral fellowships, short-term research or professional development scholarships, and much more.

Work opportunities

If you are in financial need, the Work-study program funds part-time jobs on campus. Eligible students may work up to 20 hours per week to a maximum of 200 hours per semester in administrative, research or technical positions.

Teaching & research assistantships

Many graduate students receive support in the form of a stipend paid by a department or a faculty member holding a research grant. Once admitted, your Graduate Program director or thesis supervisor can discuss the openings with you.

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