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About the SLLFP

Sustainability, as a concept, is complex and interdisciplinary.

It requires the involvement of diverse peoples, fields and expertise. That is why the SLLFP was developed. We want to continue to grow by hearing from and working side by side with our community of students, faculty, researchers, and staff on sustainability solutions.

What is the SLLFP?

The SLLFP funds small-scale innovation and supports forward-thinking Concordians to experiment with interventions that build a culture of sustainability in the context of societal challenges.

Through the SLLFP we are...

  • Encouraging partnerships and collaborations between faculty, staff and student leaders across sectors and disciplines
  • Focussing on campus operations and community
  • Ensuring robust projects and establishing longevity, where applicable
  • Providing meaningful experiential learning opportunities for students of all backgrounds and disciplines
  • Diversifying viewpoints and expertise
  •  Making progress towards the commitments of the Sustainability Action Plan and beyond

How did the SLLFP begin?

The Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program (SLLFP) was developed in 2021 following the launch of our Sustainability Action Plan, which itself resulted from several years of stakeholder consultations and Concordia community input. It is a matching fund partnership between the Concordia University Office of Sustainability (under the VP, Services & Sustainability) and the Sustainability Action Fund.

The SLLFP is getting a refresh...

In order to further the program’s impact, the SAF and the Office of Sustainability have implemented an updated application process which will:

  • Strengthen and simplify the drafting and application process for project applicants
  • Provide support for projects to be shaped into impactful partnerships
  • Diversify the project selection process to ensure balanced inclusion of students, faculty, and staff.

Throughout each term's application period, SAF’s Project Coordinator and the Concordia Office of Sustainability’s Sustainability Living Lab program coordinator will partner and liaise to better support project leads.


For questions about the Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program, contact Sandra Mouafo:

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