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Undergraduate awards

Learn more about scholarships, bursaries, and awards that support undergraduate students at Concordia University.  

Entrance Scholarship recipients are automatically chosen by the Faculties during processing of admission applications throughout the spring and summer. Candidates must be admitted to a Bachelor’s program. The selection for most of these scholarships is automatic and based on academic ranking. For Faculty of Fine Arts programs requiring submission of a portfolio for admission, selection is based on the portfolio and not grades achieved prior to admission.

Most In-Course Scholarships are awarded automatically by the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee in the Fall semester on the basis of top Assessment GPA with no application required. However, a small number of scholarships and awards require an application in order to be considered - you can find these on our Concordia Application-Based Awards page listed below.

Available awards

Check out the latest award bulletins.

Award resources

Check out the latest bulletins on awards you can apply for.

How it all works

Learn how the various kinds of scholarships, bursaries, and awards are administered.

People & policies

Get the basics about the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee, and policies on scholarships and awards. 

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