Review the availability, eligibility and selection process of undergraduate entrance and in-course bursaries.

The primary criterion for all bursaries is financial need.

However, financial need does not guarantee your selection for a bursary. Competition is significant and each bursary has different criteria which affects both eligibility and selection.

Entrance bursaries

To apply to the Entrance Bursary program, an application form must be submitted online along with various supporting documents. Eligibility is determined following a financial needs test, a review of the candidate’s academic ranking as assigned during admission application processing, and a holistic appreciation of the applicant’s personal statements on the entrance bursary application form.

The Entrance Bursary application normally opens beginning of February with a deadline generally in May each year.

In-course bursaries

In-Course Bursaries are awarded by the Financial Aid and Awards Office to previously admitted students following an application-based competition that includes a financial need test and holistic committee review. Applicants are notified of the results after the Financial Aid and Awards Office receives results from the bursary committee.

The In-Course Bursary program normally opens mid-March with a deadline generally in June.

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