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Review the availability, eligibility and selection process of undergraduate entrance and in-course scholarships.

The primary criterion for all scholarships is high academic achievement. Competition is significant and each scholarship has different criteria which affects both eligibility and selection.

Entrance scholarships

Concordia offers entrance scholarships to bachelor's admission candidates every Fall. Selection for most scholarships are automatic and based on academic ranking. 

Entrance Scholarships are awarded by the Faculties to new admission candidates on the basis of top Cegep grades or equivalent (Canadian high school etc.). An offer of admission to Concordia does not guarantee selection for an Entrance Scholarship.


  • Entrance scholarships are available to full-time students entering university studies for the first time, based on completion of CEGEP, Canadian High School or College, or equivalent
  • Candidates must be admitted to a Bachelor's program
  • These awards are not available to students Visiting students, Independent students or students admitted to Certificate programs 


Entrance Scholarship decisions and offers are made by the Faculties during admission processing throughout the spring into the summer, until all available awards have been filled.

  • Selection for most scholarships are automatic and based on academic ranking 
  • Faculties and Schools select candidates and provide their recommendations to the Financial Aid and Awards Office
  • Only selected candidates are notified. Selection begins in Spring and continues into the Summer
  • For Faculty of Fine Arts programs requiring submission of a portfolio for admission, selection is based on the portfolio and not grades achieved before admission,

How scholarships are paid

Scholarships are disbursed to students' University accounts following verification of registration after the registration/course drop period ends. Most of these awards are payable in two equal installments over the Fall and Winter terms.


In-course scholarships

In-Course Scholarships are awarded automatically by the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee on the basis of top assessment GPA (3.30). Only selected candidates are notified.


  • Available only to students enrolled in a Bachelor's program
  • Students who have completed at least one semester of studies at Concordia
  • Students must have a minimum Assessment GPA of 3.30
  • A limited number of In-Course Scholarships are open to part-time students


  • Consideration for In-Course Scholarship candidates begins in October/November on the basis of top Assessment GPA achieved in the preceding academic year. Candidates are ranked in descending order on Assessment GPA, then credits completed in program, then Cumulative GPA
  • The majority of In-Course Scholarships are awarded automatically by the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee using academic rank lists as described above, with no application required

In-Course Scholarship decisions and offers are normally made by the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee during the first two weeks of October each year.

Concordia awards

Awards require an application in order to be considered. Many awards are referred to and are named scholarships as they have academic-based eligibility requirements.

Review Concordia award eligibility criteria and submit your application for a chance to fund your studies. Applications for these awards open during the month of August.

External awards

Throughout the year we receive information on scholarships, awards, and bursaries offered by a variety of external organizations, companies and foundations.

Check out the current listings below to see if you are eligible for any of the current postings. Bookmark this page and make it a point to visit often and keep up to date.

If you have any questions concerning privacy/confidentiality or intellectual property, we encourage you to contact the organization that offers the award that you are interested in.

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