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These guides are created and maintained by Concordia University subject librarians. On each guide you will find recommended resources by subject: databases, background sources, how-to guides, websites, and more. 






AHSC 230
Finding your references
ANTH 270
Contemporary Issues in Anthropology
ANTH 375
Field Research
BIOL 201
Introductory Biology
BIOL 368
Genetics and Cell Biology
BIOL 450
Techniques in Ecology
BIOL 466
Advanced Laboratory in Molecular Biology
Capstone & Other Design Classes
CHEM 205
General Chemistry I
CHEM 222
Introductory Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 235
Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 241
Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM 271

Biochemistry I

CHEM 324

Organic Chemistry III
CHEM 341
Inorganic Chemistry III
CHEM 375
Biochemistry II
CHEM 470
Environmental Biochemistry
CHEM 472
Chemical Toxicology
CHEM 477
Advanced Laboratory in Biochemistry
COMM 210/212
Business research guide
COMM 320

Entrepreneurship business research page

Business plan worksheet

COMM 420
Management Research for Decision Making
COMS 225
Media Institutions & Policy
COMS 274


Finding image, sound & video resources

COMS 325
Approaches to Communication & Cultural Studies Research
COMS 610
Media Studies Seminar
EDUC 210 Lec. CC Prof. Martin Rourke (October 2014)
Library Research Workshop
ENGR 392
Impact of Technology on Society
ENGR 417/6421
Resources for Aviation Law
Executive MBA

Business research portal

Business research guide

eMBA guide

FFAR 250

Keywords: Reading the Arts Across the Disciplines

JOUR 201
Writing and Reporting Resources
MECH 311
Manufacturing Processes
MIE PhD Seminar
Literature Review: Conducting the Literature Search
SOAN 820/SOCI 660
Professional Development Seminar
SOCI 310
Research Methods
SOCI 409
Honours Seminar (SLIDES)
SOCI 415
Field Research (SLIDES)
WSDB 290 (2021)
Historical Perspectives in Women's Studies
WSDB 291 (2021)
Contemporary Issues in Women's Studies
WSDB 292
Feminist Research Methods
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