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Introductory Organic Chemistry II CHEM 222

*New* - A molecular model kit is available for borrowing at the Vanier Library Circulation Desk.

Below is a list of resources helpful in completing the lab assignments for CHEM 222. If you need help in using these resources, please contact the chemistry librarian.

Finding the density of an unknown compound

In your lab, you measured the density of an unknown compound. To find a list of compounds that may have that density:

  • Go to: Knovel Critical Tables.
  • Click on the the "table" link next to the entry "Basic Physical Properties of Chemical Compounds".
  • In the new window, a listing of property information for thousands of compounds will appear.
  • Click twice on the column heading for "density" to sort the table by highest to lowest density.
  • Scroll through the pages of the table (use the numbers at the top right hand corner of table) to find compounds that have the density you are looking for.

Watch a video explaining how to do this.

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