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America: History and Life
Canadian and U.S. history

Historical Abstracts
World History except Canada and the U.S. 

International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) Online
Medieval Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

ITER: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Medieval and Renaissance Europe

World history

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  • Cambridge Histories Online: Access to over 300 volumes of the Cambridge Histories series. Volumes are grouped into historical subject areas including British and American history, Music, Philosophy, History of the Book, Political and Social Theory, Religious Studies and Warfare. 
  • Oxford Reference Online Premium: Contains dictionary, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press. It is a fully-indexed, cross-searchable database of these reference books. A broad subject range of titles from the Oxford Companions Series is available.
  • Oxford Islamic Studies OnlineA reference database covering the history and culture of Islam and providing full-text access to Oxford reference and scholarly works, including the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World, The Oxford History of Islam, The Oxford Dictionary of Islam as well as two classic interpretations of the Qur'an, a Concordance of the Qur'an, images, maps, and timelines.

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Primary sources provide first-hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation. They are created by witnesses or recorders who experienced the events or conditions being documented. These sources are often created at the time when the events or conditions are happening, but they can also include autobiographies, memoirs, and oral histories recorded later. Primary sources are characterized by their content, regardless of whether they are available in original format like manuscripts, letters, or diaries, in microfilm/microfiche, in digital format, or in published format. 

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