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Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The Azrieli Holocaust Collection in the Concordia University Library is one of the most important specialized collections in Canada for scholarly research and teaching on the Holocaust and the history of anti-Semitism. It also documents the history Nazi Germany, the history of Jewish-Christian relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the immeasurable impact of the Holocaust on post-Holocaust life, thought, and culture with special emphasis on Canada and the United States.

Established by Montreal philanthropist and businessman David J. Azrieli, CM, CQ (1922-2014), the collection contains approximately 8,500 titles from almost every discipline and includes rare books and ephemera from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s; digitized primary sources; microfilm collections of government records and war crimes trials; documentaries and feature films; survivor memoirs and diaries; and secondary texts. The languages represented in the collection include not just English and French, but Yiddish, Polish, German, Russian, and Hebrew. The Azrieli Holocaust Collection is an invaluable resource for Concordia students and faculty as well as for the broader community.

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The Jonassohn Genocide Collection was endowed in 2002 by Professor Kurt Jonassohn (1920-2011) to honour the memory of his parents, Richard and Frieda Jonassoh, who perished in the Holocaust. The Collection acquires materials to support the comparative study of genocides, both historical and contemporary. 

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America: History and Life
Canadian and U.S. history

Historical Abstracts
World History except Canada and the U.S. 



UN and other documents and publications indexed by the UN Dag Hammarskjold Library in New York and the UN Library in Geneva. Full coverage from 1979 but many older titles continue to be added. Many links to full-text documents. You can also search voting records for all resolutions adopted by the General Assembly (1983- ) and the Security Council (1946- ), and for speeches (1983- ) made in the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, and the Trusteeship Council

International Crimal Court Peace Palace Library

The Peace Palace Library is one of the oldest and most prestigious libraries specialized in international law. Its principal objective is to service the institutions that reside in the Peace Palace, including the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and the Hague Academy of International Law. But the Library is equally open to employees of all other international legal institutions inThe Hague, as well as to all scholars and students of international law.

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