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Health, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology Subject Guide

Article Databases

Online databases can be used to search for articles in journals, magazines or newspapers. Here are some databases with content relating to Health, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology:

SPORTDiscus with Full Text

SPORTDiscus is the most comprehensive index to articles, reports, book chapters, etc. in the area of sports and sports medicine. It includes materials on exercise physiology, sports medicine, biomechanics, coaching, counselling and psychology.

PubMed (Medline)

PubMed provides citations with abstracts to worldwide biomedical literature. It covers both research and clinical practice and can be used to complement SportDiscus in the areas of sports medicine and athletic therapy. If your topic is more related to health and disease, PubMed is best place to start. Use the Find it @ Concordia button in PubMed to see if the full-text is available.

Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library consists of a regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine databases, including The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Cochrane reviews are based on the best available information about healthcare interventions. They explore the evidence for and against the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatments (medications, surgery, education, etc) in specific circumstances.

Database Finder

Search the Database Finder to identify other useful databases. You may find information of interest to you in databases that are not dedicated specifically to sport issues. For example, management and marketing issues in sport will be covered in a business database; sport psychology will be covered in a psychology database, etc.

Information Sources by Topic

Information sources like books, videos, encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks are excellent places to find background information and basic knowledge on a topic. They can contain concise summaries, along with technical and practical information on theories and methods. Below is a selection of sources available at Concordia Library. These are not complete lists. Additional resources may be found by searching Sofia.

Sources by topic:

Citation style guides

The following guides summarize the rules for proper citaiton and referencing according to that style. If you are unsure of why you need to cite, when to cite or how to paraphrase properly, take a look at the Citing module from the Library Research Skills tutorial.




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