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BIOL 450 - Techniques in Ecology

Species maps (distribution) - print sources

Geographic distribution of plant or animal species are usually located in identification or field guides. These can be found in either the reference section of the Vanier Library, or on the 3rd floor (regular collection). Try searching Sofia to locate field guides specific to your chosen species. Here's an example: (amphibian*) and (identif* or field guide*)

You can also browse the following shelves of the reference section of the library to find guides:

Species maps (distribution) - online sources

Physical variables maps

Physical variables can include precipitation, temperature, evapotranspiration, soil, vegatation, elevation.

More detailled maps or geospatial products are listed below. Note that some products require the use of specialized viewers.

  • Canadian Digital Elevation Model
    A list of free viewers appears at the bottom of the page.
  • Land Cover.
    The types of land include agriculture, forest, wetland, etc. A list of land cover publications appears at the bottom of the page.
  • Soils of Canada.
    These national scale thematic maps display the distribution and areal extent of soil attributes such as drainage, texture of parent material, kind of material, and classification of soils in terms of Soil Order and Great Group.

See also


Try searching the following databases for your species and its geographic distribution.
Example search: ("polar bear" or "polar bears") AND ((geographic OR spatial) AND distribution)

Further assistance

If you need further assistance with finding maps, please contact Alex Guindon (geography librarian) at

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