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General Chemistry I CHEM 205

Below is a list of resources helpful in completing the lab assignments for CHEM 205. If you need help in using these resources, please contact the chemistry librarian.

Separation of naphthalene and urea

In your lab, you are asked to separate naphthalene from urea without sublimation. To do this, you must find the solubilities of both compounds in order to use a solvent to separate one compound from the other.

  • Using the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (located at the Vanier Library reference desk - QD 65 H3 or online), look up the entries for naphthalene and urea in Chapter 3.
  • In the table of properties, the last column is for Solubility
  • Consult the Introduction of Chapter 3 to decode the abbreviations (eg. i=insoluble; vs=very soluble; eth=diethyl ether).
  • If one compound is very soluble in one solvent but insoluble in another, this might be a good solvent to use for separating your compounds.
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