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ENCS 282 Technical Writing and Communication

Supplementary guide for the library workshop

Need some inspirations?

Case studies of engineering solutions across many engineering disciplines via the Knovel database.

News, trends, and commercial activities from various engineering sources via the Knovel database.

Discover the best search techniques for finding books and articles, as well as what to do if a search produces too few or too many results.

Learn about the different types of articles and the peer review process. Explore how to identify, search for, select, access and evaluate articles.

Research requires critical thinking to determine if the sources that you found for your assignments are credible and meet academic research standards.

There are many tools available that can help you save time and generate citations and references automatically. 

For example, major search platforms and databases such as Google Scholar and Sofia have built-in "Cite" functin to help generate a reference entry for a particular item. However, they often do not include the IEEE Citation Style.

A quick citation tool that does include IEEE Citation Style is Zoterobib. It doesn't require any account set-up. This is a free and easy tool to use if you just need to create a one-off reference list for a paper. 

If you want to save references that you can use across multiple projects, or if you need to collaborate with others, it is best to use a reference manager such as Zotero. It is created by the same team behind Zoterobib, but has a lot more functionalities. A free account gets you 300MB of storage. 

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