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Community and public affairs subject guide

Recommended Journal Article Databases

  • Political Science Complete (EBSCO) - Canadian, American and international journal articles on political science, government and policy topics
  • PAIS International (ProQuest) - International and American journal articles on social sciences topics related to public policy, administration, and legislation

Peer review/Scholarly Journals: What is peer review and how do I find peer reviewed articles?

Books, government information, public policy publications, & law sources


Sofia Discovery tool: search books, ebooks and government information at Concordia, Quebec Universities, or Worldwide.

Government Information

Government Information Subject Guide - start here to locate government publications, reports, commissions, etc. 

Law Sources

CanLii: Canadian Legal Information Institute (2001 - present)

  • Court judgments (cases) from all Canadian courts; the Supreme Court of Canada, federal courts, and the courts in all Canada’s provinces and territories. 
  • Decisions from many federal and provincial administrative tribunals. 
  • Consolidated statutes and regulations and the annual statutes of every jurisdiction in Canada. 
  • Commentary: secondary law materials, from law books, journals, articles, reports, and other resources. 

HeinOnline Law Jounral Library  - law journals (U.S. Canadian, International), case law and Statutes of Canada, Provincial Statutes of Canada, and more 

Newspapers & Current Events

  • Canadian Newsstream - Canadian English daily newspapers, including the Globe & Mail, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, National Post and many regional and local papers.
  • - Canadian/Quebec newspapers and magazines in French and English, includes La Presse, Le Devoir, and L'Actualité.
  • CPI.Q: Canadian Periodical Index - English and French language journals and magazines, Canadian focus.
  • US Newsstream - Major US daily newspapers, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall street journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, USA Today and many more regional and local newspapers.
  • International Newsstream - news content from outside the U.S. and Canada, in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Danish, See the Title List.
  • Historical Newspapers - Canada, US and international
  • The Hill Times - weekly newspaper that covers Canadian federal politics.

Canadian political science websites


SCPA 201 - Public Policy and the Public Interest

SCPA 502 + SLIDES Comparative Approaches and Models in CED

Community Economic Development (CED/DEC) - Sources


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