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Program: MSc in Management

Term of entry: September 2021

Graduation term: May 2023

Home Town/Home City: Balneario Camboriu - Brazil

Languages Spoken: PortugueseEnglish and French.

Most recent or current position: Business Instructor.

Why did you choose John Molson School of Business? I choose the John Molson School of Business because of its reputation as one of the best business schools in Montreal.

Favourite place in Montreal? I love the Jean Drapeau Park. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in Montreal and how the island was constructed is still even more interesting.

Future aspirations? I would love to pursue a teaching career and act as a Startup adviser. I am very curious about people’s business ideas and thrilled when entrepreneurs trust me to share the challenges that they are facing. I am always willing to help them in their ventures, creating new connections to find the best answer to their struggles. As an instructor, I am passionate about teaching and learning from students and how I can make the learning process more engaging.

What do you wish you knew before starting the program? I wish I knew more about the course's flexibility to tailor the program to our research interests. In the beginning, we just know what types of courses we must accomplish and those that are elective, but we don’t know that we can link our interests with the mandatory courses. I would have explored more in this way.

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