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Ankit Kumar

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Program: MBA (Full-time)
Date of entry: 2018 Fall   
Expected graduation date: 2019 Summer

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Languages spoken: English, Hindi
Most recent job: Facilities Project Admin at Boeing International 

Why did you choose JMSB? I strongly believe that networking is imperative to professional success, as forging connections with professionals in the industry and having someone champion your candidacy would provide the career opportunity I seek post-MBA. While pursuing MBA from JMSB, I am pretty confident that I would be able to connect with influential executives and professionals and build long-lasting relationships. 

Highlights of Program: Organizing the JMSB MBA International Case Competition has been the most challenging experience of my MBA. By working at such a prestigious and high-caliber event, I have greatly improved my professional communication skills.

Favourite place in Montreal? Lachine Canal Bike Path

Future aspirations: Montreal is home to leading aerospace companies such as Bombardier, Pratt and Whitney, CAE and Air Canada where I seek to work in the near future. JMSB’s association with this sector will help me gain employment as a Corporate Strategist post MBA.

What do you wish you knew before coming to JMSB? JMSB offers a lot of experiential activities during the MBA program that students can make full use of. Unfortunately, before coming to JMSB I did not know anyone who could help me with my queries and suggest the right path forward.

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