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Mostafa Saad:
My inspiration

A thermal image of a two-storied residential house with other houses to the side and in the background. The featured house is shown to have the most warmth centered on the front and left side walls, shown in yellow and orange. The cooler areas are along the edge of the roof and the lowest visible section of the house and are shown in blue. Your home may look great to the naked eye, but your building leaks a lot of energy, leading to a larger carbon footprint and higher costs. Photo credit: Policy Options Magazine

How can we create a robust and quick method to increase building decarbonization practices?

While studying architectural engineering, many questions crossed my mind. How did people live without heating and cooling systems back in time? How did buildings provide thermal comfort during that era? It was Pandora's Box for me. It drove me to study climate-friendly and sustainable building design. Later, I defended my master’s thesis on that topic. Using emerging machine learning capabilities, I currently investigate its potential integration to expand building decarbonization methodologies. My ultimate goal is to develop a robust, accessible and scalable method to replace conventional approaches. This will help positively re-map the process for building retrofitting accessibility and timelines.

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