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Mostafa Saad

How can we create a robust and quick method to increase building decarbonization practices?

My inspiration

Mostafa Saad is a doctoral candidate in building engineering and is part of the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities. He holds a Master of Science in architectural engineering, specializing in sustainable built environments.

Mostafa's research focuses on buildings' decarbonization through energy efficiency upgrades to increase our chances of tackling the climate challenge. He develops robust, accessible and scalable decarbonisation methods to replace slow and limited conventional methods. His research will help secure broader decarbonization adoption in the building sector, giving policymakers more tools to control emissions and achieve energy equity. Mostafa has held multiple positions as a teaching fellow at the German University in Cairo and served as a visiting scholar at Texas A&M University through a Fulbright Fellowship. He received various recognitions for his research work, including a sustainability research award at Concordia.


Building Engineering


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Developing cost-effective solutions
to decarbonize buildings

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