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About GradProSkills

In partnership with on-campus and external experts, GradProSkills empowers Concordia graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to engage with community resources, optimize their graduate school experience and equip themselves to realize their professional and academic goals. Core to our values, we also hire a team of dynamic graduate students to share and grow their graduate school experience.

Join our team

GradProSkills is currently recruiting its 2024-2025 graduate student team of workshop facilitators and hosts. 

If you want to gain valuable work experience, share your grad school experience with peers and contribute to the success of Concordia graduate students, we encourage you to apply. You must be enrolled in a Concordia graduate program from September 2024 to April 2025 and be in good academic standing.

You must send a separate email application for each position for which you wish to be considered. Review each job posting carefully to verify additional application requirements and tailor your application. 

Apply by Sunday, April 21            

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