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D3 Innovation Hub

A constellation of innovation-driven entities and people, working together to accelerate innovation for global impact.

D3 Hub units support different audiences in their exploration and acceleration of innovation and entrepreneurship. With complimentary programs and networks, we help changemakers translate ideas to impact.

District 3 Accelerator

We help ambitious high tech, healthcare and biotech startups achieve meaningful objectives that accelerate their path to strong product market fit and funding. Through the intensive support from our network of coaches, experts and investors, we focus on helping startups become investor-ready for their first round.

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Balsam Impact Incubator

We support leaders engaged in social and environmental challenges who are innovating and contributing to the creation of regenerative business models. Our collective mission is to rethink the economy as a positive vehicle for change. Balsam, pollinator of ideas, facilitator of change. 

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V1 Studio

VStudio builds programs adapted to support researchers at the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. We help researchers level-up their research potential, through customized hands-on training, professional development and access to funding and research facilities.

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Serving Montreal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, MentorConnect drives the transition from startup team and co-founders to successful leaders of an established company. MentorConnect uses the unique power of team mentoring to guide, support and challenge participants, helping them accelerate their journey to success.

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Quebec’s centre of excellence for the advancement of engineering biology. We bring together Quebec’s researchers, industry players, and policy-makers to address national and global needs through biobased manufacturing around lab grown food, new materials, waste valorization and zero carbon emission.

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Concordia’s in-house consulting group with a mandate to empower change makers to foster innovation within the university and beyond. We plug into transformational projects on 3 axes: strategy & insight, animation & facilitation, stakeholder engagement. From what if to what next.

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