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V1 Studio

V1 Studio provides a bridge between the academic and entrepreneurial worlds, offering researchers programs to help transform their research into tangible solutions, driving impact inside and outside of academia.

V1 Studio is a non-profit organization founded by Concordia University whose platform fills the gap for academic research to impact society through entrepreneurial skill development, exploration and startup creation. 

V1’s mission is to provide every researcher in Canada a touchpoint with entrepreneurship. They empower researchers through hands-on training and professional development, access to funding and research facilities to support their entrepreneurial drive and propel their ventures.

V1 develops and provides programs targeting researchers at different entrepreneurial stages, from those just exploring the notion of entrepreneurship to those ready to become company founders. It does so by partnering with universities, incubators, and industry experts. These programs are constantly evolving and being curated to provide researchers customized support based on their specific needs. 

Customized lab-to-market programs designed for researchers

The Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program

Transforming Quebec's researchers into innovation leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program introduces researchers to early stage entrepreneurial concepts. The 3-month free online program, funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) is designed for researchers from all universities of Quebec who are completing or have completed a master's or PhD, or are working as researchers in research institutions in STEM and Social Science fields. The program helps them explore pathways to go from research to market. 

Upon completing QcSE, they will understand the entrepreneurial journey, how to transform their idea into a marketable solution and develop entrepreneurial skills, which can help them become better researchers or entrepreneurs.

Visit the QcSE site to read alumni stories and get information. 

The Scientific Venture Program

This program is not your typical Post Doc. 

The Scientific Venture Program (SVP) is a 2-year all-in-one post-doc program equipping PhDs with the necessary skills and expertise needed to bring their research from lab-to-market. By the end of the program, participants will have built their own company based on their research. 

VStudio partners with leading Canadian incubators and accelerators to provide access to the support needed at each stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Participants receive $142,000 in stipends, services and support to help them kickstart their company. They also receive access to mentors, coaching, and a handpicked Advisory Council customized to their field. 

Future outlook

VStudio is partnering with universities across Canada to help them raise awareness for their students and researchers about entrepreneurship opportunities in their local ecosystems. Through our workshops, Advisory Council, academic and entrepreneurial network, we are able to provide the support needed to build successful research based entrepreneurs. 

Our programs are customized for researchers at many different levels whether they are Masters, PhDs, postdocs or later in their research career. V1 has created pathways towards ensuring that the next generation of Canadian researchers will be aware of entrepreneurial opportunities for their research to have a greater impact on society as a whole. 

V1 is committed to making entrepreneurship an accessible option for researchers across Canada.

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