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Life in Ink: How comics make medical and sociological research accessible

Date & time
Thursday, February 25, 2021
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

This event is free



Ph.D Candidate and 2020 Public Scholar Rachel Thomas hosts a discussion-cum-workshop on the ways in which comics and graphic novels are being used to disseminate new research, help medical professionals better understand patient experiences, and offer an empathetic outlet for those struggling with similar issues.

Thomas will discuss a new form of [auto]ethnography known as Graphic Medicine and will share examples of current works in addition to her own research on obesity. Dr. Ariela Freedman will moderate the discussion.

The workshop will consist of on-screen comic book techniques including creating scenes, cell usage, character development, and more. Participants should be prepared with a notebook/paper and a pen or pencil in order to follow along.

Participate in the workshop by registering for the Zoom meeting.

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Rachel Thomas

Image shows the portrait of Rachel Thomas

Rachel is a multimedia artist and an interdisciplinary humanities Ph.D candidate that blurs the boundaries between traditional media, technology and bio-fabrication. Her practice is centred around the medicalized body with specific focus on women's health. Using heuristic research strategies, she seeks to open discourses between the objective medical gaze and the subjective patient experience. Her current work is a graphic novel exploring the impact of medical and social gazes on obese women as a means to promote accessibility of new research outside of the academic sphere. She currently holds a position as one of Concordia’s 2020 Public Scholars, and holds a SSHRC Doctoral Grant.

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