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Complexe Canal Lachine Studio

A new space for research-creation

A shared studio space opened in 2021 for artists and researchers in the Humanities PhD and the Individualized MA and PhD programs in support of their research-creation projects.

Research interests range from material culture and craft history to filmmaking, virtual reality technology and the aesthetics of sound. The space accommodates a vast array of research and practice, with individual studio spaces offered to students for long-term research and artistic production and common spaces available for temporary use or collaborative activities. 

interior of the CISSC Complexe Canal Lachine Studio: an large room with tables, desks and chairs

The ethos of the studio follows an artist-run model with shared coordination of the space, shared responsibility for its upkeep and a flexible, accessible, and critically supportive environment for students’ work. 

The long-term ambition is for the space to grow into a vibrant component of Concordia’s art and research communities. The hope is for the studio to support individual artistic activity, collaborative projects, and the presentation of experimental works. When appropriate, the aim is host events such as film screenings, readings, workshops and other activities that are central to the development and sustainability of rigorous artistic work.

Located in Complexe Canal Lachine, the studio spans more than 1,500 square feet. Intended to support creative practice and community building, student-artists have the opportunity to work with working professionals and present their work and research to the public through micro-seminars.

Among the building’s tenants are painters, photographers, publishers, game designers and architects. Concordia students are given full-time access to the building’s services including a restaurant, wireless lounges and an art gallery.

The Humanities Program is immensely grateful for the generous donation of Natalie Voland in making this project possible, with additional support from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the School of Graduate Studies.

How to Book

If you are an INDI or Humanities PhD student, contact site coordinator Frederic Bigras-Burrogano for details.

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