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Udemy is a collection of skill-focused online courses available to all active Concordia staff, faculty and students. This collection of on-demand courses covers areas from data science, presentation skills, language skills, programming languages, design skills and more.

Getting started with Udemy

The Concordia community has access to a long-term subscription to Udemy with over 7,500 online courses. Content on Udemy has a variety of learning applications, including supporting students who are struggling with foundational skills, such as writing and time management. It could also be useful to help review or supplement course content.

Your Udemy Concordia license

On this page you will find the following: 

  • Procedure on how to sign up for Concordia’s Udemy access
  • An extensive FAQ

Udemy IT Services page for more information

Udemy resources and tools

Join the community

This is a MS Team to find trending courses, ask questions, get recommendations, and join course clubs.

Create custom learning paths  

Within Udemy you can create learning paths by selecting specific resources for students to follow. These learning paths can be made up of entire courses or sections of different courses curated into one customized learning experience.

Practice tests

You can search Udemy’s database for practice tests on a wide variety of topics 

Udemy help center

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