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To provide academic integrity support for online assessments Concordia has implemented Proctorio, an online proctoring service that mimics the live proctoring (invigilation) that takes place during an in-person exam.

The software verifies students’ identification, restricts certain undesirable exam-taking behaviours through various configurations, and records students through video, audio and/or screen activity while they write their exam. Instructors can review recorded data to determine academic misconduct.

Last updated: May 29, 2024, 4:31 p.m.

On this page:

Getting started with proctoring and Proctorio

FAQ for faculty (Concordia website)

If you are a faculty member with questions that are not answered in the FAQ, please email

FAQ for students (Concordia website) 

Share this link with your students. This FAQ provides general and technology information, and addresses security and privacy concerns on proctored and non-proctored exams. 

Proctoring alternatives

If an exam is proctored, it has to be placed on COLE as Proctorio, the proctoring software, is only installed on COLE. There are two kinds of proctored exams:

  1. Auto proctoring with Proctorio: there are no human invigilators. The system will record the exam taker via video and audio, and reports will be generated for the instructor’s review. The university has fully vetted the software for security and privacy. All data is encrypted and only the instructor and authorized Concordia personnel can access the recorded data.

  2. Live proctoring with Zoom: there is no recording (unless there is suspected misconduct). Human invigilators will be proctoring a group of students using Zoom and students will take the exam using a lockdown browser setup provisioned by Proctorio.

Proctoring vs. non-proctoring

Quick view of online assessment platforms (Carrefour sign-in required)

The page provides an overview of the advantages, limitations, where to use, and when to avoid non-proctored and proctored exams.

Setting up an exam (auto with Proctorio or live with Zoom)

Equipment requirements

Both methods of proctoring require: 

  1. a desktop computer or a laptop with webcam and microphone (built-in or external); and
  2. Google Chrome browser with the Proctorio extension installed.

Faculty support: proctoring basics (sign-in required)

Before your exam it is important to review the Proctorio settings and chose your configuration requirements.

  • Common Settings: Record and Verify
  • Customizable settings: Restrict
  • Select the Right Configuration for Your Exam
  • Zoom Proctored Exams
  • Zoom Proctored Exams Guidelines

Preparing students for proctored exams

It is very important that students take practice exams to prepare for a proctored exam. Students can log in to to find the practice exams on the dashboard once it’s made available. Each student only has one trial for a proctored practice exam, so they should only take it when they are ready.

Practise exam in a proctored environment

Only for students who are enrolled to write Proctorio and Zoom proctored exams.

  • The practice exam site on COLE includes information on how students should prepare before the exam, installing Proctorio, tips for minimizing technical disruptions as well as information on various exam types. Students will also find resources that will help them write an exam.

  • For more information check out these video tutorials that introduce the platform and various question types.

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